About Us

"In my day, I was unable to relate to images on my screen and on the shelf. And I most certainly was not able to relate to the names of princesses and cartoon characters. Everything associated with Black Beauty was immensely underrepresented.
 This is why I created Zhenga,Morowa and Thema. Three young Nubian Queens. With African names. Black skin. Black hair. All of their names mean Queen in different African languages. I created these Queens so that our young generation, unlike myself, will be able to have characters they can connect with.
A mother to a young King, I think it's important that young Kings too see a representation of the wealth that lies in our Queens.
Nubian Reines is part of the Nubian Household collection. Where all young black Kings and Queens reside. It is important to Nubian Reines that our products remind every young black girl...she is Royalty."